Tree Care

We offer complete tree care from planting to emergency services. We also offer yearly evaluation, maintenance and cleanup packages to preserve the health of your trees.

Tree Trimming and Removal

Trees are a valuable part of your landscape, our ecosystem, and removal needs to be considered as a last resort. However, of a tree is a hazard or diseased and dying, it does need to be addressed quickly to reduce the danger and liability. Our team finds the best course of action to remove it safely. When required, an 8-10 ton crane is used to ensure that the removal is done safely and efficiently.

Stump Grinding
When trees are removed, it is also recommended to remove the stump for future growth as well as having a smooth ground surface. We use our own stump grinder to accomplish the task. Our crew is extremely careful and ensures that nothing around the area is damaged during this process.

Top 5 Reasons a Tree is Removed

  1. Destroyed or damaged due to extreme weather.
  2. Dead or dying.
  3. The area is too crowded and the tree is a threat to other trees or the landscape’s health.
  4. It is an obstruction of view or can’t remain on a new construction site (and trimming will not correct the issue.)
  5. It was not suitable tree for the climate.

Trimming and Pruning

This is truly where a certified arborist can make a difference. Trimming and pruning by untrained individuals can harm the aesthetics, shorten the life of the tree or harm it beyond saving. Each tree has different needs and requires specific techniques. We will ensure that is done correctly and safely so that the tree can continue to add beauty, shade and value to your property.

Top 5 Reasons to Trim and Prune

  1. Branches interfere with roofing, gutters or electrical wires.
  2. There is an obstruction to patios, walkways, and streets.
  3. Branches are weak, diseased or crowded and may pose a hazard in harsh weather.
  4. To shape to improve the appearance of the tree.
  5. Thinning to provide more light in densely shaded areas.


It is important to select the right tree for your landscape and climate. We can help you select beautiful trees so you can avoid future problems in growth, avoid trees susceptible to infection/disease and know what you can expect when the tree reaches maturity. Did you know that planting trees strategically around your landscape can also cut energy bills? Contact us (to quote form) for a consultation and quote!

Emergency Services

Storms can cause full grown trees to be uprooted and broken and can result in property damage. We can ensure that the trees are trimmed or removed if necessary- safely and quickly. You can also count on us for storm cleanup!

Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Fertilizing is an important component to maintaining or improving a trees health. Just like humans, tress can be stressed without proper nutrition or a stressful environment. Plants take water and nutrients from the soil to fuel growth and keep their defenses up. Some landscapes can become depleted of these resources and can be a harsh place to grow up for your trees and shrubs. Give them a helping hand with supplemental fertilizing from the Montana Tree Care & Landscaping experts.

Tree Preservation Programs

We can walk your property, identify likely problems and discuss your goals. From there, we’ll build a plan to keep your trees healthy. Some services may be needed immediately, or a long-term maintenance plan may be a great fit. When needed, we can also deliver targeted programs for specific insect or disease right away.

Fire Risk Assessment

The risk of fire is high in Montana. The wildland-urban interface is especially vulnerable. Colton Johnson is not only an ISA Certified Arborist, he also has extensive training in assessing wildfire threats. He and his team can help protect homes and property by completing an evaluation. Recommendations are made regarding brush or tree clearing, proper trimming and more. Interested? Contact us.