Weed & Pest Control

Those pesky weeds

We can perform a weed treatment or manually pull weeds in some cases. Weeds can choke out flowerbeds and your lawn; steal nutrients and lower property value if left unattended. We can be there when the snow melts to treat your turf with pre-emergence weed control and give it the proper fertilization to help keep defenses up. Through the seasons, we can work with you to set a schedule to keep weeds to a minimum and treat any new areas. Have a big area that requires mowing and extensive cleanup? No problem.

A note about noxious weeds in Montana

Noxious weeds have a terrible effect on the natural habitat, wildlife and can intrude into your beautiful landscape. Learn more about noxious weeds here.

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Top 5 Tree Pests in Our Area

  1. Aphids
  2. Scale Insects
  3. Leaf feeding caterpillars
  4. Spider mites
  5. Bark Beatles